Take a bow, Queenie!

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Take a bow, Queenie!

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Miss Bohol 2014 Queenie Melody Fullante is ready to see what the next chapter brings. Courtesy: Queenie Melody Fullante
Miss Bohol 2014 Queenie Melody Fullante is ready to see what the next chapter brings. Courtesy: Queenie Melody Fullante

Looking back, what does Queenie Melody Fullante consider her most unforgettable moment at the 2014 Miss Bohol pageant in which she was proclaimed Bohol’s quintessential daughter?

“The crowning moment,” said Quennie, “for that was the start of other unforgettable moments.”

A year ago, she joined the Miss Bohol competition as a fresh college graduate. Many people compared Queenie as Venus Raj deadringer. She even had encounters with people who mistake her for Venus but she was not riding on the wave of being Venus Raj’s look-alike during the pageant. She won the Miss Bohol title because of her strong personality and being comfortable with her skin and skills.

But today she’ll no longer have a crown.  Queenie’s beauty pageant reign comes to an end Saturday night when she gives up her Miss Bohol title at this year’s competition. The classic tiara — the one that slipped off her head on the night she was crowned — was gently placed atop someone else and after doing her duties and responsibilities, Queenie is ready to see what the next chapter brings.


“Personally, I find my reign productive and fruitful for I have reached more communities, touched a few lives and grew up holistically,” Queenie said in an interview with VRS. “Aside from the looks, the most significant change in me is the positive change inside. I became more mature in dealing with different matters. Even the way I look at life has changed, because now I realized that service to humanity is the best work of life.”

Her immediate plans include doing philanthropic works and spending some time with her family and friends. “It’s still ambiguous for me but one thing for sure, life goes on. The mission continues and that is to reach more communities, touch more lives and grow up everyday.”

Queenie has done quite a bit of charity work in her sash and crown. She visited the orphans, participated in feeding program, child abuse awareness, medical mission and dental mission and volunteered in the Bohol Rebuilding and Rehabilitation Project. She was very visible visiting communities affected by the earthquake. Her presence was reassuring everyone that everything would be okay after the tragedy.

Her packed schedule prevented her to meet her ideal man (The Romantic Guy, the Confident Guy, the Artistic Guy, the Foreign Guy, the Free Spirit Guy, the Intelligent/Witty Guy and the Considerate Guy rolled into one). “Technically, no! Primarily because I wasn’t looking yet for one. I think I was too focused with my duties and responsibilities,” Queenie said.

She won’t sit idle for long.

Take a bow, Queenie!


Meanwhile, here is the full text of the farewell speech of Queenie Melody Fullante:


Growing up, I have always been a fan of fairy tales. But I know I am not a princess. I will never be Snow White because I am not the fairest of all. I was once an Ugly Duckling who turned into a beautiful Swan. I am not Sleeping Beauty. Mine, was a Cinderella story. But it wasn’t just my shoes that made me a Queen. It was my clean desire and genuine determination that made destiny go my way and be proclaimed Miss Bohol 2014- The Quintessential Boholana. With all my heart, I thank God for giving me all the people I need before, during and even after my reign.

To the people of Dauis, under the leadership of Hon. Marietta Sumaylo, my sincere thank you for trusting me to represent our town.

To my team, Sir Julius, Janry, Ramchie and Idy, you gave out the best in me, I owe you a big part of my holistic development. To Ate Shiela Avergonzado of Nenen’s, thank you for the beautiful gowns I’ve worn throughout my reign. And to Mikee Andrei for my amazing gown tonight.


To my eksangels and my PYM family headed by Ate Ebiw and Kuya Tony, your support was my ultimate ego booster.

To my mentors, Fr. Vic Fr. Lito, Fr. Jingboy and Fr Val thank you for all the prayers and words of wisdom.


To my family, you are the cradle of my success.

To the Miss Bohol organizers, Madame Pureza Chatto and the JCI Chocolate Hills, Maams Darlene, Red, Yelle and Marmie, God know how you positively impact my life. Thank you so much for making my reign a meaningful one.

Lastly, to everyone who expressed their support for me in various ways, you made me realize what a great blessing it is to be a Miss Bohol.

Ladies I guess the loneliest part of being a beauty queen is the final walk. In which everything that happened during your journey will sink in and you’ll just miss the crown so badly. But, life goes on and the mission continues. To the lucky girl tonight, I know you deserve it. For I have been with all of you in your journey. And the learning you girls gained, is enough to make each of you a winner in your own reality. May all of you continue to reach more communities, touch more lives and grow up holistically.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Queenie Melody Fullante, Miss Bohol 2014.


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