Fiesta pa more!

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Fiesta pa more!

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LifestyleIf you think it’s possible that the island sinks a bit starting the first of May as Boholanos from all over the world come home to fiesta; brace yourself for a few inches more of dipping; for today, the 15th of May could actually be the day with the most number of fiesta celebrations province-wide. Three big towns, Tubigon, Bilar and Trinidad, and a whole lot more of sitios, puroks and barangays are all set with the fiesta fever, this very day.


It wouldn’t come as a surprise, though, given the fact that the annual celebration is held in honor of a patron saint. With Bohol generally agriculture-based, it follows that many villages would pick out St. Isidore the Farmer for a patron, being the intercessor for farmers and those living in the rural areas, himself a farm worker and known for his piety toward the poor and the animals.

Lest we forget, the fiesta is of religious origin dating back to the colonial times as the Spanish friars encouraged the assignment of a patron saint to every locality.  And so, a few decades back, there came some sort of guilt when you get to sit down and eat without attending the concelebrated mass. “Misa una, di lamesa,” the elders used to say.



Whether riding a tricycle, a dilapidated multicab, or inside a fully-loaded Grandia, fiesta goers hop from house to house, and town to town ready to revel on the food and the lavish hospitality of Boholanos. But, is it really true that there’s a fiesta every day in Boholin the month of May?

Certainly, yes! Check it out and you can actually go around Bohol and not spend a single centavo for a meal for the whole month of May. When Adu Ybañez of the Mabini Bohol facebook page posted a “partial and unofficial list” of Bohol fiestas for the month of May, it shows just that. No wonder, everyone scampered to have a copy, with almost 3,000 shares by now and almost a thousand comments from Boholanos who wish to add the fiesta dates of their barangays.


But of course, Boholanos know better. There is something more to fiesta; it’s not only the fun and the food. Anything that starts with “f” makes every fiesta unforgettable. The family reunions. The fellowship with kith and kin that gather and help each other prepare the food. The friendship rekindled with former neighbors and classmates who come home.

Lifestyle02Celebrating fiesta is also a way for many to express gratitude to the Heavens for the whole year’s blessings. Whatever is the reason, fiestas are here and we say cheers! (By: Sonieta Deguit Labasan, lifestyle, The Bohol Chronicle, May 15, 2016)


Here’s Mabini Bohol’s Adu Ybañez’s partial and unofficial Bohol fiesta list for the month of May:


May 01 (Saint Joseph the Worker) – Tagbilaran City
May 01 Pondol, Jagna
May 01 Taytay, Duero
May 02 Cagayan, Inabanga
May 02 Calma, Garcia Hernandez
May 02 Lutao, Inabanga
May 02 Nahawan, Clarin
May 02 San Jose, Inabanga
May 03 Alumar, Getafe
May 03 Anas, Valencia
May 03 Anda
May 03 Angilan, Duero
May 03 Anoling, Candijay
May 03 Bacani, Clarin
May 03 Badiang, Sikatuna
May 03 Bogtongbod, Clarin
May 03 Buenos Aires, Carmen
May 03 Buyog, Jagna
May 03 Cabantian, Guindulman
May 03 Canawa, Candijay
May 03 Canjulao, Jagna
May 03 Can-olin, Candijay
May 03 Cawayanan, Tubigon
May 03 Dao, Tagbilaran City
May 03 Dasitam, Baclayon
May 03 Delmar, MABINI
May 03 Kagawasan, Dagohoy
May 03 Lam-ao, Lila
May 03 Langkis, Duero
May 03 Larapan, Jagna
May 03 Limocon, Valencia
May 03 Macalingaw, Lila
May 03 Magsaysay, Valencia
May 03 Mambool, Duero
May 03 Mantatao, Calape
May 03 Nagsulay, Lila
May 03 Nueva Fuerza, Carmen
May 03 Onoyon, Valencia
May 03 Panas, Baclayon
May 03 Panas, Candijay
May 03 Panaytayan, Tubigon
May 03 Poblacion Norte, Batuan
May 03 Quindacpan Island, Talibon
May 03 Sacaun, Garcia Hernandez
May 03 Sta. Cruz, Baclayon
May 03 Tabajan, Guindulman
May 03 Tanday, Baclayon
May 03 Tangkigan, Mabini
May 03 Tangnan, Looc, Panglao
May 03 Tapal, Ubay
May 03 Taug, Valencia
May 03 Tawala, Panglao
May 03 Tawid, Candijay
May 03 Tocdog, Loay
May 03 Tubod Mar, Jagna
May 03 Tubod, Candijay
May 04 (Saint Monica) – Mabini
May 04 (Saint Monica) – Alburquerque
May 04 Mandaug, Calape
May 04 May 4/August 28 (Saint Augustine) – Sagbayan
May 04 Nausok, Jagna
May 04 Tuburan, Bien Unido
May 05 Aleguay, Maribojoc
May 05 Linkod Maribojoc
May 05 Maribojoc
May 05 Sagbayan
May 05 Tan-awan, Tubigon
May 06 Pagina, Jagna
May 07 Cabilao Island, Loon
May 07 Can-uba, Jagna
May 07 Catungawan Norte, Guindulman
May 07 Catungawan Sur, Guindulman
May 07 Guio-Ang, Guindulman
May 07 Pangdan, Jagna
May 07 San Miguel
May 07 Tambooc, Inabanga
May 07 Tanghaligue, Talibon
May 08 Catungawan Norte, Guindulman
May 08 Catungawan Sur, Guindulman
May 08 Ilijan Sur, Tubigon
May 08 Imelda, ubay
May 08 Matabao, Tubigon
May 08 San Miguel
May 08 San Roque, Mabini
May 08 Tejero, Jagna
May 09 Faraon, Jagna
May 09 Ipil, Jagna
May 10 (Saint Vincent Ferrer) – Calape
May 10 Balbalan (POB AND PANGDAN AREAS), Jagna
May 10 San Isidro, Pilar
May 11 Malbog, Jagna
May 12 Cantagay, Jagna
May 12 Cantomocad, Loon
May 12 Catagbacan, Loon
May 12 Pondol, Loon
May 12 San Miguel, Dagohoy
May 13 Balintawak, Talibon
May 13 Benliw, Ubay
May 13 Bicao, Carmen
May 13 Buenavista, Carmen
May 13 California, Ubay
May 13 Cogon, Lila
May 13 Danahaw, Clarin
May 13 Fatima, Inabanga
May 13 Fatima, Ubay
May 13 Guiwanon, Maribojoc
May 13 Hinlayagan Ilaud, Trinidad
May 13 Katipunan, Clarin
May 13 Labuon, Calape
May 13 Liloan Norte, Inabanga
May 14 Babag, Dagohoy
May 14 Bunga Ilaya, Jagna
May 14 Can-Inas Montesuerte, Carmen
May 14 La Union, Candijay
May 15 (Saint Isidore the Farmer) – Bilar
May 15 (Saint Isidore the Farmer) – Trinidad
May 15 (Saint Isidore the Farmer) – Tubigon
May 15 Alejawan, Jagna
May 15 Aloja, Batuan
May 15 Basiao, Garcia Hernandez
May 15 Bong Bong, Ubay
May 15 Bongco, Loon
May 15 Botong, Valencia
May 15 Buenasuerte Pilar
May 15 Busao, Maribojoc
May 15 Cabatuan, Danao
May 15 Cabidian, Mabini
May 15 Camambugan, Ubay
May 15 Cambacay, Batuan
May 15 Campanog, Pres. Carlos Gacia
May 15 Cangmundo, Getafe
May 15 Canhayupon, Dimiao
May 15 Cantuyoc, Jagna
May 15 Cupa, Garcia Hernandez
May 15 Datag, Garcia Hernandez
May 15 Estacia, Pilar
May 15 Fatima, Inabanga
May 15 Garcia, Batuan
May 15 Governor Boyles, Ubay
May 15 Ilihan, Ubay
May 15 Kaluasan, San Miguel
May 15 Liloan Sur, Inabanga
May 15 Limokon, Dimiao
May 15 Mayana, Jagna
May 15 Nagtuang, Loon
May 15 Pagahat, Candijay
May 15 Pamacsalan, Pilar
May 15 Pamilacan, Baclayon
May 15 Panadtaran, Candijay
May 15 Putlungcam, Alicia
May 15 Rizal, Batuan
May 15 Rosariohan, Batuan
May 15 San Isidro
May 15 San Isidro, Baclayon
May 15 San Isidro, Duero
May 15 San Isidro, Mabini
May 15 San Isidro, San Miguel
May 15 San Isidro, Talibon
May 15 Sta. Cruz, Batuan
May 15 Tabuan, Garcia Hernandez
May 15 Tabuan, Loon
May 15 Talanceras, Tubigon
May 15 Tambo, Mabini
May 15 Taytay, Valencia
May 15 Tinibgan, Maribojoc
May 15 Togbongon, Garcia Hernandez
May 15 Tubigon
May 15 Untaga, Alicia
May 16 (Saint Isidore the Farmer)- Mahayag, San Miguel, Bohol
May 16 Abaca, Mabini
May 16 Anibongan, Sierra Bullones
May 16 Anoling, Candijay
May 16 Bahan, Inabanga
May 16 Cabungaan, Jagna
May 16 Cambugason, Jagna
May 16 Candabong, Anda
May 16 Can-ipol, Jagna
May 16 Cantubod, Danao
May 16 Cayacay, Alicia
May 16 Mahayag, Dagohoy
May 16 Malapok, Candijay
May 16 Montivideo, Carmen
May 16 Naatang, Jagna
May 16 Nabuad, Inabanga
May 16 Rizal, Talibon
May 16 Tubog, Ubay
May 17 Bayong, Pilar
May 17 Biabas, Ubay
May 17 Bulawan, MABINI
May 17 Cabiguhan, Trinidad
May 17 Monte Hermoso, Carmen
May 17 Tubod Monte, Jagna
May 17 Villaflor, Carmen
May 18 Abijilan, Garcia Hernandez
May 18 Bato, Guindulman
May 18 Bulawan, Guindulman
May 18 Bunga Mar, Jagna
May 18 Cahayag, Tubigon
May 18 Kinagbaan, Jagna
May 18 Laca, Jagna
May 18 San Carlos, Danao
May 18 San Isidro, Candijay
May 18 San Isidro, Sagbayan
May 19 Candijay
May 19 Lonoy, Jagna
May 19 San Jose, Mabini
May 19 Sierra Bullones
May 20 Bayong, Guindulman
May 20 Imelda, Duero
May 20 Mayuga, Guindulman
May 20 Progreso, Alicia
May 20 Tabunoc, Guindulman
May 21 Bay-ang, Ubay
May 21 Cansibao, Valencia
May 21 Lombog, Guindulman
May 21 Pandanon, Getafe
May 21 San Isidro, Ubay
May 22 Abachanan, Sierra Bullones
May 22 Boctol, Jagna
May 22 Dait Sur, Inabanga
May 22 Loay
May 22 Mangga, Tagbilaran City
May 22 Matin-ao, Carmen
May 23 Danahao, Clarin
May 23 Juagdan, Ubay
May 23 Poblacion 2, Mabini
May 24 Bayongan, San Miguel
May 24 Canduao Occidental, Valencia
May 24 Jandayan Norte, Getafe
May 24 Panadtaran, Tubigon
May 24 Tambuan, Carmen
May 25 Bagacay, Pilar
May 25 Batasan Island, Tubigon
May 25 Bogo, Carlos P. Garcia
May 25 Ilaud, Pilar
May 25 Katipunan, Alicia
May 25 La Hacienda, Alicia
May 25 Napo, Loon
May 25 Pandan, Tubigon
May 25 Ubujan, Inabanga
May 26 Cabasakan, Getafe
May 26 Katipunan, Sagbayan
May 27 Calabacita, Jagna
May 27 Cogtong, Candijay
May 27 Ondol, Anda
May 27 Ondol, Inabanga
May 27 Pangpang, Candijay
May 28 Pinayagan Sur, Tubigon
May 29 Bilang-Bilangan East, Bien Unido
May 29 Guinsularan, Duero
May 29 Sentinela, Ubay
May 29 Talibon
May 30 Bondon, Calape
May 30 katarungan, Ubay
May 31 Banacon, Getafe


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