Commuters complain against high trike fare

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Commuters complain against high trike fare

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Complaints against overcharging passenger tricycles in the city continue to flood the City Traffic Management Office (CTMO) despite the substantial increase of traffic citation tickets issued by city traffic enforcers.

Antonio Samante, CTMO Operations Chief told DYRD Balita that a two hour joint operation between the CTMO and the Barangay Affairs Constituency on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 snagged 10 tricycle drivers overcharging their passengers.

Data furnished by the CTMO to the Chronicle showed that since January, 2016 more than 10,000 citation tickets amounting to P1.3 million were recorded for illegal parking, overcharging and various traffic violations.

Samante also reminded tricycle drivers that the minimum fare for passenger tricycles is pegged at P7.00 for the first kilometer and P1.00 for the succeeding kilometer as provided for by City Ordinance No. C-189, Section 74, series of 2005.


A “tricycle fix rate” from Island City Mall (ICM) in Barangay Dao or the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT), Tagbilaran City Port and the Tagbilaran City Airport has been set to put a stop to complaints of exorbitant fares that would lead to confusion and arguments, according to Samante.

Fixed rates from Tagbilaran City Airport is set at a minimum of P10.00 going to Cogon, Booy and Barangay Poblacion ll, P15.00 to Taloto, P20.00 to Ubujan, Mansasa, Dampas, Dao, Barangay Poblacion 1, trips to Bool, Manga, San Isidro and Tiptip P25.00 and to Cabawan P35.00.

From the Tagbilaran City port, fares are fixed at P10.00 going to Barangay Poblacion ll, P15.00 to Cogon, Booy, Barangay Poblacion 1 and lll, P20.00 going Taloto, Dampas and Mansasa, P25.00 to Bool, Dao and Ubujan, P30.00 for San Isidro and Manga, P35.00 to Tiptip and P40.00 to Cabawan. Fixed rates from IBT or ICM is P10.00 to Poblacion ll and lll, Cogon, Dampas and Dao, P12.00 to Poblacion 1, P15.00 to Booy, P20.00 for San Isidro, Bool, Taloto and Ubujan, P25.00 to Tiptip and P35.00 to Cabawan.

Samante urged commuters to report abusive drivers to the CTMO but observers noted that the practice of issuance of temporary operators permit (TOP) in lieu of citation tickets will strengthen the enforcement of traffic rules in the city. (Chito M. Visarra with reports from Rey Tutas)

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  1. Linux Linux June 1, 2016

    Hopeless case. Why not revoke the franchise after first offense is repeated?
    We can see these drivers are assured of protection with their 3000 votes during election and it might be the reason why their behavior of squeezing exorbitant fees are going unabated for a long time. Show your teeth CTMO. You have to bark and bite too.

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