Errant tricycle drivers to face suspension

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Errant tricycle drivers to face suspension

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The unabated complaints raised by commuters against abusive tricycle drivers has pushed the City Traffic Management Office (CTMO) to impose drastic measures to improve the standards and discipline of the 3,000 tricycles operating in the city.

CTMO Operations Chief, Antonio Samante told DYRD Balita that he will not hesitate to suspend the franchise of “tricycle recidivists” or repeat offenders after noting the seeming lack of discipline among drivers despite pleas from traffic enforcers to follow traffic regulations.

“We are seriously considering imposing a 60 day suspension of franchise for drivers who commit three consecutive offenses and revocation of their license to operate for those whose franchises have been twice suspended in one year”.

Mounting complaints on refusal to convey, overcharging of fare, illegal parking, illegal turn, undue preference or unjust or unreasonable discrimination against the passenger, reckless driving, disregarding traffic signs has swamped the CTMO.


Strict implementation of traffic rules and regulations are the only antidote against erring tricycle drivers according to Samante.

Samante also called on commuters to report any abusive drivers and should stand by their complaints as a deterrence to erring drivers.

He assured the riding public that the CTMO will move swiftly and impose the necessary fines against the drivers. (Chito M. Visarra with reports from Allen Doydora)

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  1. Linux Linux June 1, 2016

    This makes the Boholano hospitality a joke. CTMO has to check at airport and seaport
    and see how tricycle drivers squeeze passengers of exorbitant fees for a short ride.
    Why not suspend 6 months for first offense and outright revocation of franchise after the next offense? Forget about the 3000 votes city politicians are expecting from them.
    They are also number one violators of traffic rules that they think their noisy vehicles are the priority that they just make a u-turn at will even under the nose of traffic enforcers. The will to implement the Law is all that is needed here.

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