13 Bohol police chiefs face reassignment

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13 Bohol police chiefs face reassignment

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At least 13 chiefs of police (COP) in various towns will be reassigned after they were noted to be less aggressive in their respective anti-narcotics campaigns and in curbing other criminal activities.

The transfer will be carried out by the provincial Philippine National Police (PNP) command amid the sustained crackdown on illegal drug activities by the nation’s police force.

However, the identities of the municipal chiefs were not disclosed by the Bohol Police Provincial Office pending the confirmation of the said reassignment from a higher PNP office, said Supt. Ricky Delilis, BPPO public information officer.

According to Chief Supt. Camilo Pancratius Cascolan, PNP director for operations, high-ranking police officials who fail to show efforts in eradicating crime in their localities can be relieved from their post in six weeks.


“We give them our evaluation we tell them to beef up their efforts, double their efforts and on the first month we will be eyeing people to be relieved most especially COPs and PD (Provincial Director)and DRDO (Deputy Regional Director for Operations)”, Cascola told reporters.

Asked if the local officials are consulted on appointment of their COPs, Cascolan said that “we actually ask even the governors and mayors kasi parehas din lang. Pumili man sila ng hepe o hindi, kung hindi nagbigay ng efforts ang COPs for a span of six weeks, whether he was chosen or not by the mayor, he will be relieved but as a matter of respect, we still confer with the mayors, cities and provinces.”

He said that the basis of relief from post of these police officials is the crime rate in their localities.

However, Cascolan said performing police officers will be promoted in good posts as those in the national, regional,  and provincial headquarters will be given a chance to be a COP.

Meanwhile, Cascolan expressed optimism that the crime volume will continue to decline as the PNP intensifies police operations against drug-related criminal activities in the succeeding months. (with reports from PNA)

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  1. Rose Rose July 25, 2016

    Ang hepe ra diay e reassign? Ang tanan unta para wanay mabilin protectors sa mga pushers labi najud sa among lungsod!

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