Man brutally kills 19-year-old daughter

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Man brutally kills 19-year-old daughter

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Police investigate the crime scene where the suspect left his daughter after he allegedly stabbed her 17 times with a knife used for slaughtering pigs.

A 19-year-old female was brutally killed allegedly by her father on Wednesday morning in Valencia following a reported longstanding rift between the victim and suspect.

Victim Clarise Gambuta, a student of the University of Bohol, was reportedly stabbed 17 times with a knife by her father 48-year-old Felipe Salvaleon who remains at large.

According to witness Teresita Gamalo, the victim was helping her in doing laundry when Salvaleon, her neighbor in Barangay Ticom in Valencia, arrived.

She said that Salvaleon stood in front of them and just stared at the victim for a while before suddenly stabbing Gambuta in the back without provocation.


The victim rolled down a slope after the stabbing while the suspect went after her to apparently finish her off.

Gamalo then ran and called for help leaving Gambuta and Salvaleon who allegedly continued stabbing the victim in different parts of her body.

According to investigator PO2 Bryan Wahing, they only saw Gambuta bloodied and sprawled on the floor when they arrived as the suspect immediately fled the scene after the grisly murder.

Wahing said that some of the stab wounds were so deep that the suspect was able to partly cut the victim’s throat open.

Following the suspect’s escape, the Valencia police launched a manhunt against Salvaleon.

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Gambuta and Salvaleon

Meanwhile, a man identified as Dadoli claimed that he was in a drinking session with Salvaleon on Tuesday.


He told police that Salvaleon said that he would kill Gambuta due to her lack of respect for him.

Other people who know Salvaleon and Gambuta claimed that the two have been at odds for a long time because of the victim’s complaints against her father’s drinking habit. (Allen Doydora)

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