5 reasons why Anda is unforgettable

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5 reasons why Anda is unforgettable

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If you think Anda is just a long stretch of white sandy beach, perfect for relaxation, romance, or finding inner peace, you’re absolutely wrong. This piece of heavenly-made paradise is so much more than that – more than you can imagine. In doubt? Read on.


Like most Boholanos, people from Anda are welcoming. A simple gesture of hanging a ribbon around a visitor’s neck proves their hospitality. Their smiles give warmth and engaging in conversations with them will make you feel at home, like you’ve known each other for a long time.

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Situated along the coast of Bohol, Anda is a habitat of marine life. So if your love for seafood is stimulating your tastebuds, you know where to go. Freshly caught from the sea, you can eat them cooked, grilled or raw.


Dining at Quinale Beach Bar, you are not only guaranteed of festive food served by the bay. Quinale Beach Bar also hosts local acoustic bands to fill your evenings with music. From rythmn and blues to retro, to the latest top hits, an ordinary breezy night at this well-maintained public beach becomes extraordinarily romantic.


If sipping your favorite drink while dipping in Anda de Boracay’s, Amun Ini’s or East Coast Resort’s pool connects you to your soul, a plunge into the twentyish-foot deep Cabagnow Cave will make your heart skip a beat.


Whether by foot or by boat, a trip to the mystical Lamanoc island promises a journey through ancient wonders. With long bamboo bridge, thick mangrove forest, rock paintings, wild flowers, boat coffins, this piece of land is enveloped with folklores and preserved with shamantic rituals. No wonder it is dubbed as the cradle of civilization in Bohol.

Being a haven for snorkelers and divers, the town’s local government work hand in hand with its people to make Anda a sustainable environment and a retreat for someone who is after tranquility, wanderlust and feat. (Eve Manapsal)

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