Third time’s a charm: Patrick Garcia, his family and their love for Bohol

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Third time’s a charm: Patrick Garcia, his family and their love for Bohol

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By: Jhuriz B. Dugaduga (First published on June 4 by lifestylebohol)

Garcia’s Travel. “I’m lucky to have her in my life…” Pat responded when I told him it wasn’t difficult to see why Nikka (his wife) was lovable. Nikka is a proud bisaya who grew up in Manila. She has this beauty and glowing aura that seeps down to the core. Her insights on life, faith, and motherhood are chronicled in her blog

He then added “But she’s even luckier to have me!” and flashes that familiar grin kids from the ‘80s and early ‘90s would recognize.

Patrick Garcia —known to the fandom as Carlo from the 1997 Tender Juicy advertisement; or, recently, as Ian Chavez in the television series Langit Lupa, flew to our island paradise with Nikka and his growing family.

It’s the Garcia family’s third year in a row here. When asked what makes them keep coming back, Nikka commented it’s the warmth of the people and the beauty of the place that had them captivated.


Happy Hour

Underneath the coco trees, the night breeze was only starting to sway in Alona Panglao. Nikka tapped Pat and they walked towards me with a smile. Both squeezed me for a warm hug. It was not the first time I met them but I was not related in any way to either for them to recall my name. “Would you like to drink or eat perhaps? Order lang, we’ll charge it to our room.”, the multi-awarded actor uttered. He was “Crush ng Bayan” of our times and staring at him felt like he has not aged! He seemed to have retained the nice guy persona too.

A few ounces of Happy Hour items and string of talks later, it was clear to me how the virtual hashtag #PatNixforever made sense in real life. Of course they have their fair share of mistakes, of course they are imperfect individuals, but, of course they are mere humans! Yet their lives were beautifully woven together by the lightness of each other’s being. That Friday night session also revealed their anchor on faith and value on familial forgiveness.

Room Tour

As if sharing a round of cocktails wasn’t enough, the couple invited me to their villa to meet their kids!

The smart and sweet Michelle, the elder sister, welcomed us; handed chocolates; and requested we stay with them for the night so we can go swimming the morning after. She is only four years old; yet, from what I saw through during our short talk, she sure understood the mature world around her. Also, she is that kikay girl who likes dressing up and performing in front of the mirror. Truly, an aunaturale! With roots like hers, it would not come a surprise to see her appear on television and reap awards of her own. Her antics could be easily looked up on Instagram as #myBelleMichelle.

We bade farewell to the girls and headed back to the pool bar where the lovebirds joyfully extended our T.G.I.F. moment. They were a sight to behold and a delight to the heart.“Our return flight’s on Sunday but we will definitely go back soon. We love Bohol.”

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