Grade 4 teacher shot dead in Guindulman

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Grade 4 teacher shot dead in Guindulman

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Emilito Amolong was shot dead while he was sleeping beside his wife by a still unidentified gunman in Guindulman.

An elementary school teacher was shot dead while he was asleep by a still unidentified gunman in Guindulman at past 4 a.m. on Friday.

Guindulman police chief Sr. Insp. Angelito Balicer identified the victim as Emilito Amolong, 52, a resident of Barangay Guio-ang of said town and a 4th grade teacher of the Guio-ang Elementary School.

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The murder of Amolong appeared to be carefully planned and executed while the gunman is likely experienced in handling a firearm, Balicer said.


According to Balicer, the assailant along with at least two other suspects entered the periphery of the victim’s home through the backyard using an improvised wooden ladder.

The gunman reportedly no longer entered Amolong’s room as the suspect was believed to have just slipped the gun through a window and shot the victim.

Based on the statement of Amolong’s wife, she still tried to wake the victim up after hearing the loud gunshot but suddenly noticed blood dripping from her husband’s head.

Amolong was declared dead on the spot by a doctor close to the family who responded to the scene.

The victim reportedly sustained a single gunshot wound in the forehead which caused his instantaneous death.

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In a report, police said that they found a spent shell fired from a .45 caliber firearm in the crime scene.

According to Balicer, police are still investigating whether Amolong was in conflict with someone due to gambling as the victim reportedly frequented cockpit arenas on weekends.(Allen Doydora)

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