Cebu thieves in Bohol hitting malls —Tagbilaran PNP

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Cebu thieves in Bohol hitting malls —Tagbilaran PNP

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The Tagbilaran City Police Office (TCPO) on Friday said that a group of five thieves have entered Bohol possibly from Cebu to shoplift from malls in the province and carry out other theft crimes.

According to TCPO deputy chief Senior Inspector Erano Regidor, the band of thieves was likely behind the series of theft cases in various malls in Bohol during the past week.

Regidor described the suspects as “duha ka babae ang usa tambukon ang usa niwang, usa ka bayot ug duha ka laki.”

The suspects remain at large but were spotted on Wednesday allegedly attempting to steal from Shopper’s Mart leading to a foot chase against security personnel.


The alleged thieves, however, were able to evade arrest, said Regidor.

After the suspects’ quick getaway, security personnel found two handbags which contained items believed to have been stolen which were later on claimed by an unidentified woman.

But as security personnel told the claimant that police needed to be notified before the items were handed over, she made an excuse to leave the building and did not return.

According to Regidor, police examined the handbags and found groceries including pieces of expensive milk, shampoo, charger, soap and other items.

The allegedly stolen goods were estimated to be worth P25,000, said Regidor.

The police official noted that the groceries were likely stolen and the suspects were from Cebu as he noted that they found an SM Cebu receipt in one of the bags but this did not match the items inside.

Meanwhile, police continued to hunt down the suspects who are likely to be still in Bohol, even possibly in towns to carry out theft crimes.

This prompted police to urge malls to heighten security and be wary of the said group.

Regidor also noted similar cases in previous years wherein thieves from other provinces arrived in Bohol to carry out crimes as the Christmas season drew near. (Allen Doydora)

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