Haunted places around Bohol (Part 2 of 2)

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Haunted places around Bohol (Part 2 of 2)

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Bohol province seems to have its fair share of hauntings, and the villages where 11 Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)  members were killed in separate encounters in Bohol early this year offers some of the strongest chances for having a paranormal experience.

There are a number of famous locations where ghostly activity has been reported, as well as a few lesser known locations where residents have also reported unexplained occurrences.

The battlefield in Barangay Napo in Inabanga town is arguably the new haunted place in the province. It makes sense given its angry, bloody war history where the ASG members were killed by government troopers.  

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There are stories of reported paranormal sightings here.

Some residents claimed seeing ghosts and shadows as well as heard agonizing screams from unseen beings.

The house which has bullet holes during the intense gunbattle still stands today, and locals claim to hear sounds of scratching coming from inside the walls. Residents have also reported screaming coming from inside the house as well as silhouettes of figures moving around, even though it’s been vacant for months.

Ghostly apparitions and manifestations are said to take place in the battlefield where three Abu Sayyaf members were killed in Barangay Caboy, Clarin town, where grass has now grown taller covering the once blood-soaked ground where the bandits made their last stand against government troops.

In Barangay Caboy in Clarin town, fear pushed residents to avoid the area where the bandit group had fallen due to alleged paranormal activities.

Cresencia Revilla, 86, and her sister Primitiva, 76, said their niece Antonia heard ghastly voices in the area.

The place is now covered with cogon grass although some coconut trees still carry their battle scars –. “Makadungog siya usahay, pasagdan ra niya (She heard ghostly voices, but she just ignored these),” said Primitiva.

Sometimes, she added, Antonia heard ghostly screams coming from the vacant lot especially during rainy days.

There were times that Antonio heard someone crying.

“Ingana tingali na kay wala pangajii (May be these happen because no one prayed for their souls),” said Cresencia.

Primitiva said no one also dared to walk around the area after some residents reported sudden gush of cold area crawling their spines.

In the hilly portion of Barangay Tinibgan in Calape, some residents claimed seeing strange flashes of light near at the graveyard where the two ASG members were buried.

The graveyards of the ASG members have become unwitting tourist attractions. Curious individuals flock to the public cemeteries of Inabanga, Clarin, Calape and Tagbilaran City to check out the unmarked gravesites of the 11 Abu Sayyaf members.

Some were also apprehensive that they might be mistaken as part of the Abu Sayyaf.

Only the grave of Joselito Melloria who brought the terrorists to Bohol was marked with a cross. The others didn’t even have a tombstone.

The graveyards in U-og Cemetery in Inabanga, Clarin and Calape had been covered with tall grasses and other plants.

In Tagbilaran City, the Marapao Street apparently has several ghostly residents. People share that they see “white ladies” and “pantasma”, a giant ghoul with chains on its arms and legs with fire and other strange creatures at night.

The Old Capitol building is also scary. Strange noises and infamous headless apparitions of priests are reported to be seen in this building.

It is believed that the headless ghosts and noises are from the priests and prisoners beheaded during World War II. Some workers say they don’t hear anything unusual, but no one works late.

The Binayran Road in barangay Dampas is said to be the most haunted road in Tagbilaran City. Drivers have reported everything from strangely dressed wanderers, to ghosts, to phantom vehicles that chase them to its end.

Habal-habal (motorcycle for rent) drivers have already encountered “agta” and big black dog including this woman who would walk to the middle of the road to stop a passing vehicle. Naturally, a driver would stop to avoid hitting her. She would then ask to be brought to the water reservoir, but would disappear before getting there.

The tragedy that took place years ago where a family died has contributed to its haunted reputation. Strange sights and sounds are reported at the crime scene.  

Schools in Tagbilaran especially those that have seen and survived the war have stories of haunting.  And most of the schools in Tagbilaran City were built on what used to be cemetery grounds.

Students and teachers often report sudden cold chills, odors with no discernible origin, phantom footsteps, and strange apparitions at Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School.

An unidentified girl showed up in a photo taken inside the classroom, no one can identify the blurry girl who appeared in the photo.  Some students and teachers claim to hear basketballs bouncing against the court and hoards of people cheering, but when they peer into the gymnasium… no one is there. The Imelda Building is famous for the apparition of the white ladies and duwendes. Until now, stories of strange apparitions and aromatic smell coming out of nowhere are consistently reported.

Sightings of the mysterious headless nun are reported by students and teachers of the abandoned Holy Spirit School.  Early morning joggers say that you can hear people inside the elementary building though clearly nobody is inside and all lights are off. A mysterious headless nun is said to haunt near the library.

There were also reported appearances of a white and red ladies at University of Bohol. Ghosts and wailing voices are heard from the school’s ST Building.

The Holy Name University in Lessage Street was famous for “ghostly apparitions” before it was abandoned.  Since, the school was demolished, the mysterious lady at the 4th floor and the giant dog were roaming around perhaps looking for a place to stay!

In Inabanga town, the Macaban Cave is known as the city of supernatural beings or engkantos.

Stories of angry spirits, unexplained orbs, pantasma and black ladies are reported along the national highway on Barangay Pig-ot in Loon town. The hilly part of the said barangay is a public market and a cemetery of the engkantos.


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