Will Bohol teenager win ‘Catwalk Philippines’ model search?

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Will Bohol teenager win ‘Catwalk Philippines’ model search?

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At 17, Danica Joy Mahumot is the first and only Boholana who will compete in the “Catwalk Philippines Modelling Competition 2018.”|Contributed Photo

When “Catwalk Philippines Modelling Competition 2018” unveiled the finalists, you might notice that one of the contestants is a Boholana — and, indeed, she is! She’s none other than Danica Joy Galon Mahumot, 17, daughter of Juliano Mahumot and Claudia Galon, who was discovered accidentally while swimming in a beach.

Danica is now in Manila where other contestants are undergoing training programs focused on the physical, mental and emotional strength needed to create a successful brand as a model. The girls are facing tough competition which is, according to her manager, “more rigid and vigorous.”

And what are her preparations for the contest which will culminate in July?

“Actually, I’m not the type of a girl that is always conscious about appearance. But since I am now one of the candidates in this large competition, I am starting to observe my food intake and doing some workouts to have a fit body,” shared Danica who hails from Barangay Booy in Tagbilaran City.


“I am also starting to watch modeling related videos to increase my knowledge about it and get some tips about posture and walking as well,” she added.

Does Danica make other girls jealous or insecure because she happens to be the first and only (Top 15 out of 100 aspirants) Boholana in the contest? 

“Why,” asked Danica, “They have no reason to be.”

Discovered by Khim Roger Ryan Magtagad Amora last year while swimming in Caingget Beach (the home of koja and other fresh seafoods) in Tagbilaran City, Danica is proving her mettle as a model in the local events.

“At first look, she has a towering height. She is a Supermodel waiting to happen,” said Khim who invited Danica to become part of her growing The Art Nouveau (Tan) Models.

Khim said Danica is “disciplined and determined.”

An Aquarian (January 30, 2001), Danica stands 5’9”; weighs 119 lbs.; measures 34-25-34, and wears small-sized T-shirts, and size-10 shoes.

Megastar Sharon Cuneta, singer, actress, talk show host, commercial endorser and a reality show judge, marks her 40th year anniversary in showbiz with her premier concert in Bohol all set for July 14 at 8 p.m. at the Bohol Wisdom gymnasium.

Have you always wanted to join modeling since you were child?  Back then, I really don’t know what modeling is and I didn’t even expect that I will be a model because I don’t have any interest with it. It just happened when Ate Khim approached and told me if I am willing and interest to be a member of The Art Nouveau or TAN Models. At first, I am hesitant and doubtful  yet I tried myself and here I am.

Would you rather be smart but not too beautiful, or beautiful but not too smart? I would rather be smart but not too beautiful because I believe in the popular saying “What is beauty if the brain is empty.” For me, it would be a shame if you are that pretty but you don’t have any knowledge about something because nowadays, people will make fun of you if you are in that situation. Nothing can compare to a girl of not having that perfect appearance but has the intelligence, talents, and skills.

What do you think is the smartest thing that you’ve done so far?  Joining  the “Catwalk Philippines Modelling Competition 2018”. I believe if one doors closes another door will open. I was shock when I got eliminated in the Modelling I had joined. I know the fact that I gave all my best that I can do. But I guess that wasn’t meant for me. So when Ate Khim informed me that there’s a screening for modeling competition in Manila I asked the Permission of my family and convinced them that I want to explore and prove My Worth. I went to Manila without any assurance if I’ll be chosen. But everything is God’s planned. I was chosen as one of the finalists. An answered prayer and this is a big break for me and another opportunity for my modeling career.

What are your winning traits?  I have confidence, I don’t give up easily. My family is my source of my strength, and most of all, I put God  first above all.

What winning tips you get from your trainor/handler considering your Ate Khim is a “kontesera” in gay beauty pageants? I am  so much proud and thankful having Ate Khim as my manager and being part of The Art Nouveau Model. He/She is so strict when it comes to serious matter. He/She told us to always in ourselves and always put our feet in the ground.

Do you have secrets sustaining your poise, your grace under pressure, especially during the crucial points in any contest?  I always ignore the presence of the audience as if I’m the only person on the place.

Who’s your role model?  Ever since my sister (Dolly Jean) has been my role model. She always keep saying to chase my dreams and never give up.

Young people today are liberated and adventurous, willing to try everything. What’s your stand on pre-marital sex?  Honestly, I’m against on pre-marital sex because they still don’t have blessings from God. But I respect every individual’s decisions. They have their own story too and nobody is perfect.

What is your stand on divorce in the Philippines?   I’m against about it. Marriage is a symbol of love and unity , then why do you even dare to marry the person if in just a simple misunderstanding leads to divorce. Do you think being married is just a game? What’s the use of the vows if you can’t even stand for it.

How about the war on drugs? Sadly, the effects of drug addiction are felt on many levels as it destroys the lives and future of our countrymen. Drugs should be eradicated. We should punish those pushers and save the users.  I strongly support the move of our President Rodrigo Duterte to reduce and possibly eliminate drug addiction in their country.

What’s your take on the transgender issue (should transgender be allowed to compete in beauty contests for women)?  I think transgender shouldn’t be allowed to compete in any beauty contest for women because they are not born as women. They are all giving the right spot to exist and shine. And I believe transgenders are gifted and special. We have to respect and accept them in our society for equality and diversity.

If you were to change something in yourself, what would it be?  It would be my sleeping habit because I sleep late and wake up late.

What is your favorite quote?  Everything happens for a reason.

Describe yourself in three (3) words:  Happy go lucky.

How’s your love life?  I don’t have a lovelife!  (She told VRS later that her studies, a senior high at Holy Name University and modelling career are her priorities.)


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