Are all government employees barred from campaigning? CSC Bohol clarifies

Are all government employees barred from campaigning? CSC Bohol clarifies


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) amid the ongoing campaign period ahead of the May 13 polls clarified that not all government employees are barred from engaging in partisan activities under the agency’s rules.

According to CSC Bohol human resource specialist Charla Trabajo, only regular employees are disallowed to campaign for poll bets and are mandated to maintain political neutrality based on the CSC’s rules.

“Ang mga regular, dili jud mo engage directly or indirectly in any partisan political activity except sa pagbotar,” said Trabajo.

However, coterminous government employees such as city administrators, municipal administrators and provincial administrators are not prohibited from engaging in political partisan activities.


“Kanang coterminous gi-hire na sila sa ilang appointing officer sa ilahang trust and confidence, pwede na sila mangampanya. Kay kanang ilahang term of office, coterminous sa appointing officer,” said Trabajo.

“Pananglitan sa mayor, og mohawa ang mayor, mahuman pud ang ilang [coterminous employee] termino,” she added.

Job-order employees are also not included in the prohibition since they are not directly employed by the government.

“Kanang job order dili na sila considered governement service, dili na sila under sa civil service commission pero under sila sa COA rules,” said Trabajo.

Since the start of the election period, the CSC has been constantly reminding those in the civil service, including the military, police and other law enforcement agencies, that partisan campaigning is not allowed.

Those who will be found guilty of engaging directly or indirectly in partisan political activities will be meted with a penalty of one month and one day to six months suspension for the first offense; and dismissal from the service for the second offense according to the 2017 Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service or 2017 RACCS. (A. Doydora)


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