Evasco seeks NBI’s help anew: unmask FB troll accounts

Evasco seeks NBI’s help anew: unmask FB troll accounts


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The camp of gubernatorial bet former Cabinet secretary Leoncio Evasco, Jr. has again sought the assistance of the National Bureau of Investigation after his family asked for an investigation on purported threats against their patriarch’s life earlier this month. This time, Evasco himself requested for the NBI to unmask trolls or individuals using fake Facebook accounts who allegedly posted “libelous” statements against him.

In a letter addressed to NBI director Dante Gierran, Evasco said that he had a “strong suspicion” that those behind the fake accounts are from the “other side of the political fence.”

The letter was dated April 9 but in a post of an account perceived to be Evasco’s official Facebook page, it was noted that Gierran recently confirmed that the complaint is being “handled” and “prioritized” by the NBI.

It was not made clear however how Gierran relayed the assurance to Evasco’s camp.


Evasco, through the same statement, said that those behind the fake accounts were welcome to “surrender” and “testify.”

“You might be able to retain your job after we win the election,” he said in an apparent insinuation that the individuals behind the accounts are current local government employees.

The alleged fake Facebook accounts were under the names Mark Jubac, Elise Inting and Fatima Reyes, he said.

Pundok Padayon Bol-anon, the coalition of Evasco’s gubernatorial rival Deputy Speaker Arthur Yap, has yet to issue a statement regarding Evasco’s “strong suspicion.”

Earlier this month, Evasco’s camp also asked for the NBI to investigate purported threats against his life. In the same way, a letter to Gierran was also publicized by Evasco’s group when they asked for the agency’s help.

The campaign period for the gubernatorial election in Bohol has been tainted with verbal tussles in the form of heavy mudslinging and false information aired through press conferences, campaign rallies and social media.


While Evasco decried the “libelous” statements against him which were conveyed to the public anonymously, several accounts on Facebook favoring and supporting him have thrived with anonymity as well.


Several anonymous Facebook pages supporting Evasco have been known to spread erroneous information or the so-called fake news.

Last month, a bogus Pulse Asia survey showing that Evasco was leading over Yap was spread on social media prompting the public opinion polling body’s president, Ronald D. Holmes, to speak out and publicly announce that the survey was “fake.”

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