Bohol’s Diana Bühler delivers gold in SEA Games to hometown cheers

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Bohol’s Diana Bühler delivers gold in SEA Games to hometown cheers

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Scene: Boholana beauty queen Gazini Ganados is possibly our 5th Miss Universe, fans said. “Phoenix walk indeed, she was gliding and effortlessly beautiful,” beauty pageant expert Mikey Gatal said.The Miss U coronation night is slated December 8, 2019 (December 9 in the Philippins) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Scene: The 10 choirs competed in the 1st Church Choir Competition on Friday night, Dec. 6. The Mater Dei College Choir of Tubigon won first place and best interpretation of a common song. The St. Jude Thaddeus Parish of Barangay Mansasa in Tagbilaran City won 2nd place, while Our Lady of the Village Parish in Corella won third place. Fr. Irvin Garsuta and the Music Ministry of the Diocese of Tagbilaran organized the event.

Scene:  Moments after news broke of Tracy Remolador Torres’ death Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 3, social media was inundated with messages of grief and condolences. Tracy Remolador Torres was one of the most influential and recognizable make-up artists, hairstylists and fashion designers in Bohol. Fellow designer, Roseth Mascariñas-Ranara of Rose Paul Silhouette, said Tracy’s career longevity must set a good example to budding young make up artists, hair stylists, and designers. “When I left the Philippines in 2004, you were on top of your game. When I came back home in 2016, some of your colleagues’ careers have spiraled down while yours continued to spiral up. You are the epitome of a person not just with skills but with proper attitude. You are where you are because you are very professional, kind, and easy to deal with. I am proud of you, my friend, Tracy Remolador Torres. Rest in peace.”


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You didn’t know that one of the members of the Philippine Team who delivered a gold medal for the country during the 30th South East Asian (SEA) Games is a Boholana, did you? I first heard about it when the Obstacle Sports/Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Mixed Team Relay 400-meters debuted in SEA Games.

My cousin’s wife, Michelle Barimbao, asked me if I knew the half Swiss-Boholana (aside from our athletes Elien Rose Perez and Dave Lloyd Pacaldo, weightlifting;  Emmanuel Comendador, duathlon; Ronnie Malipay and Anfernee Lopena, athletics; and Rian Marco Tirol, swimming) and I told her in all honesty, ” A lil bit.”

Anyway, the Boholana who added a SEA Games gold medal is none other than Diana Timbal Bühler.

Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat sa suporta at tiwala namin at dahil hindi ako marunong mag Tagalog mag Bisaya nalang…

Posted by Diana Bühler on Saturday, November 30, 2019

Diana, 26, told VRS that her Nanay Virginia Timbal hails from Alicia town. Her father, Hans Peter Bugler Bühler, is from Zurich, Switzerland.

“Proud jud ko nga Bisaya, taga-Bohol,” she said.


Michelle, her kababata, shared that Diana speaks fluent and thick Bisaya accent.


“She is super cool and super nice when we were neighbors then in Barangay Ubujan in Tagbilaran,” shared Michelle, an OFW in Hong Kong.

Even though Diana’s family transfered to other place, she and her brother Andy, make it sure they could visit Ubujan to meet their old-time neighbors.

Here’s my chat with Diana:


How does it feel winning gold for PH Team?

“It’s an overwhelming experience and until now I still can’t believe it. We got the best support from the Pilipinas Obstacles Sports Federation, our families, coaches and friends. I had goosebumps because everyone was cheering for us. It’s just amazing to know that we have such a great support from everyone.”


What were your preparations for the SEA Games?

“We were working out up to 8 times a week and most of us quit their job to focus on the trainings and recovery.”

What are your future plans?

“I will definitely take a break for this month and have some family time and rest in Bohol. My journey didn’t stop at the SEA Games and I will go back to training by January. I’m planning to join more Elite races and I hope that obstacle course racing will be part of the Olympics some day.”

How can you convince young people that obstacle course racing is an excellent sport?

“Obstacle course racing has taught me many things. Sportsmanship is the golden rule of sports. We always respect each other even if we are competitors. It’s a great feeling to conquer obstacles and to tell yourself “I made it!”. I always tell beginners “Do what you love, love what you do”. Without passion you tend to quit easily. I honestly never thought I’d made it to the SEA Games but I didn’t stop training. It was a rough journey but definitely worth it. It’s always about the question “How bad do you want it?”. Never quit and keep fighting.”

What’s your message to aspiring athletes and  fans?

“If you have a dream, go for it and fight for it. Set your own goals and be happy with every achievement. It’s okay to fail but never give up.”

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