‘Tabang Taal’ raises fund for homeless

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‘Tabang Taal’ raises fund for homeless

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Evacuees take shelter at an evacuation center in Batangas. | Photo: via Getty Images/Alejandro Ernesto

With thousands of residents in nearby Taal Volcano still homeless, kind-hearted Boholanos are united in sending their assistance.

“Tabang Taal”, a fund raising campaign launched by the Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp last Thursday during the InyongAlagad program generated P286,000 as of yesterday afternoon.

The cash donation which will be sent to the Diocese of Imus is accepted until Feb. 24 at the DYRD studios.

Meanwhile, relief goods can be sent to Camp Bernido under the auspices of the Provincial Government of Bohol.


Anthony Damalerio told the Chronicle that the relief goods will be stocked at Camp Bernido until the ash fall warning be lifted in Taal area. A C-130 plane of the Philippine Airforce will pick up the relief goods here.

The donors of the cash donation:

P100, 000 – First Consolidated Bank (FCB);

P50,000 – Alturas Group of Companies; 

P30,000 – Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp.;

P25,000 – CCMaluenda Construction, Inc.;


P10,000 – Herbert Malmis General Merchandise & Contractor, Inc., Bohol People’s Lumber Corp., Nancy Ocio;  Lantaw Restaurant;


P5,000 -Belian Inns & Hotels, Inc., Jenny Estoquia, Florencio Caltex Station;

P4,000 – Anonymous, Baliola Family, PEVCO Enterprises;

P3,000 – Anonymous Panglao, Anonymous Panglao, Anonymous, Anonymous, Tagbilaran, EulaliaSambalud;


P2,500 – LoocPanglaoBrgy. Officials &Auxilliary workers Panglao

P2,000.00 – Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Kit Balane,  M. Villaber, Michael Nobert Lacang, GROUPHIL Enterprises, Anonymous, Eligio-Emma Requina;


1,200 – Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Ocio;   

P1,000 -Piquero Family, Anonymous, Harry Plaza, Mr. & Mrs. George Loayon, Tom’s Water Services, Mr. & Mrs. Jose JudizonBongcaron,  Simeon Estillore, Lee Family, Millanar Family, OmbinaPaun, SilverioMorino, Jesac (Sir Jess Accullador), Anonymous, Tagbilaran, Lyn Chan, Anonymous, Tagbilaran;

P600 -AlfeBoloron;

P500 – Bob Galero, Anonymous, Engr. TeofistoPagar Jr., Jose Dalapo, Anonymous, Tony Bernaldez, Anonymous, Gina Lebron, FelyBonao , AbundiaBolatero, Anonymous, Anonymous (Bool), Mae Borinaga, Fil-Siam Apartment, Anonymous (Basak, Taloto), Epes, Mr.& Mrs. M&N, Purok 1, Dao Tagb., Pupil of City East Elem. School, Camilotes Family, Cypherly and Chloe Butron, Martin Araoarao, MarilouTasic, Nema Bomediano, Jost, MarcialCareras;

P400 – Anonymous (Tobacco St.);

P300 – RMG One Stop Shop;

P200 – Jean Adtuon, Arnold & Elnora & Family, EpitanioRibay and

P150 – Harvey Madura.

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