Bohol’s Tagna-Tagna 2020

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Bohol’s Tagna-Tagna 2020

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As a tradition, VRS is up with its annual “Tagna-Tagna” for the 2020.

Last night, I asked some experts and die-hard believers of horoscope, and of course, juicy snippets on social media, to know what will happen in the Year of the  Metal Rat.

The Year of the Metal Rat, which will officially start on January 25, will be a year of new beginnings and new opportunities.

Rats are those born in 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, and 2008.


The Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for almost all Chinese zodiac signs.

Read what the Year of the Metal Rat for our favorite Boholanos who make yours and our lives a bit more exciting this year.

Note: Last year, our “Tagna-Tagna” was 99 percent credible!

• Karen Gallman and her beau Ian Garton will get married. Karen made Bohol and the entire country proud being  the first Filipina to win the Miss Intercontinental 2018.  The Ubay native will set up her own foundation to help young students.

• 2020 is a bountiful harvest for our Boholana beauty queens. Glyssa Perez will have a major victory in an international pageant! Another beauty queen Pauline Amelinckx will receive a crown and sash in a national pageant.

Misses Bohol Celina Villocino and Raclaire Stephan Trigo might be  given an opportunity to represent the  beauty and grace of the Boholano women in a national pageant.


• “Pinoy Aquaman” Ingemar Macarine will not conquer the English Channel this year. It will be in 2021 that he will conquer the English Channel, the “Mt. Everest” of all swims.


• Film producer Achinette Joy Villamor will produce an award-winning film in 2020. The re-make will win several awards and accolades here and abroad.

• Hannah Precillas will continue to make a name on the international music scene. Known for her humility and talent,  she will have a new album and another showbiz break. 

• Kapuso actress Rich Asuncion will have another showbiz break.


• Danica Joy Galon will have promising modeling career this year.

• Loboc Children’s Choir will have more performances here and abroad to show to the world what hidden talents we have.


•Attys. Julius Gregory Delgado and Marie Nickie Bolos will say “Hello!” to the stork!

• The stork will pay, Anna Maris Igpit and Tommy Taylor, Benjie and Atty. Joan Oliva, Rebecca Lusterio and Thomas Mejiso, David Maulas and Jenissa Laguda Peteros, Abdul Wallace and Chandrina Elluiska Schreurs-Wallace, and Doxson Asoy and Karen Digal, a surprise visit.

• Also Dr. April Lumuthang-Froilan (of Touch of April) and Arch. Junibe Froilan, Fred Namoc and Nice Tirol and Eden Descallar and Mikel Ceballos will welcome the stork’s visit before the end of the year.

• Currently fancy-free, Misses Bohol Queenie Melody Fullante and Catherine Tabaniag will enjoy their single-blessedness before they entertain any suitor.

• The stars of Kapamilya stars YamYam Guc-ong,  and Vivoree Esclito will shine brighter but sadly, Snake Princess will lack luster… unless she has to do something to “regain” her lost popularity.

• It will be a busy year for Boholano cultural czar Lutgardo Labad and Marianito Luspo.

• Joseph Gara and Ralph Maligro will continue to make a name in the music industry.

The blind items:

• A popular radio personality will be advised…nay, “ordered” by his doctor to slow down due to health concerns. Remember, health is wealth.

•A businessman, a politician and a cultural worker are well advised to slow down a bit and avoid overworking  or over-stressing themselves.

•Bohol will produce more topnotchers in the field of education, nursing and engineering. No elaboration.

• Another scandal will shake the political scene!

• Panglao Island, nay whole Bohol, will witness the wedding of the new decade. The politician-businesswoman finally finds her ideal man.

•A prominent politician couple will confirm that they are living apart even as they pretend to project an “ok image.” They want to be free!

• A separated couple will reconcile, let bygones be bygones, with no apologies for the ugly words that trailed their breakup.

•A posh resort will close shop due to financial constraints…unless somebody comes to its rescue.

• Unless they take maximum caution, some businessmen and politicians will be caught in drug busts.

• Some politicians will suffer from depression due to cyber bullying.

• A prominent leader will find himself in a headline-hogging controversy.

• A (not so) high-rating radio program will undergo a major revamp.

• A beauty pageant will draw controversies. It will end in confusion and disarray after the host will  name the wrong woman as the winner. The organizers will become controversial, too.

• The wedding of a couple who announced their engagement last year will either not be pushed through or will be postponed indefinitely. Itigil ang kasal!

• A couple will reconcile and start life anew. After all, love wins!

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