4 more LSIs test positive for Covid

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4 more LSIs test positive for Covid

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NOTE: This story was first published in The Bohol Chronicle’s Sunday print edition.

Four more locally stranded individuals who have been in quarantine at the LGU facilities tested positive of Covid-19, based on the results of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, bringing the remaining active cases to 20 as of July 4.

Last night, Gov. Art Yap received the report from DOH-7 that the latest addition of four active cases of Covid-19 in Bohol are all LSIs- -two in Tagbilaran City and two in Getafe.

The report from DOH-7 also indicated that two LSIs in Candijay and one LSI in Tagbilaran who tested Covid-positive in previous tests still tested Covid-positive in their repeat PCR tests.


There are now 20 active cases, 21 recoveries and one death in the Covid record of Bohol.

Aside from the two additional active cases in Tagbilaran City and the first two in Getafe, the active cases includes two in Loboc, six in Tagbilaran, two in Candijay, one in Talibon, two in Tubigon, one in Inabanga, one in Dauis, and one in Catigbian.

Just last Friday, the active cases in Bohol already dropped to 16 after registering five recoveries.

The 21 Covid-positive individuals in Bohol record who have recovered included 12 LSIs- -two in Talibon, one in San Isidro, one in Loboc, two in Candijay, two in Loon, two in Sagbayan, one in Tagbilaran, and one in Balilihan.

The nine others were the Tagbilaran resident, two health care workers of a private hospital in Tagbilaran, three healthcare workers of Gallares Hospital, two OFWs, and the Chinese tourist.

Of the LSIs who have returned, at least 28 tested positive of Covid-19 in the PCR tests.


The first eight were recorded three weeks ago, while nine were added on June 20, then two more were recorded on June 24, four were added on (June 27), and two more were added on June 28.


One more LSI was added to the Covid-positive record on June 30, bringing the number then to 21 active cases, 14 recoveries, and one death.

Five LSIs who previously tested positive of Covid by then, tested Covid-negative in their respective repeat tests- -two in Sagbayan, one in Balilihan, one in Candijay, and one in Tagbilaran

On July 1, two more LSIs in Loboc have been added to the active cases, bringing the tally to 23 active cases, 14 recoveries, and one death.


On July 2, two LSIs in Loon who previously tested Covid-positive had tested Covid-negative in the repeat PCR test.

They are the only active cases in Bohol and pose no threat to the community, considering that they have been at the isolation centers of the LGUs since they arrived the province.


The first eight cases included three in Tagbilaran City, one in Candijay, two in Sagbayan, one in Balilihan, one in San Isidro.

The nine included two more in Candijay, two in Talibon, two in Loon, two in Tubigon, and one in Inabanga.

The cases added on June 24 are that one case in Dauis and that one Loboc.

The four added to the record on June 27 included two more in Tagbilaran City, one in Catigbian and another one in Talibon.

The last two added to the record on June 28 are in Tagbilaran City.

On the other hand, two of the three Covid-positive LSIs previously recorded in Tagbilaran City still test positive in the repeat PCR tests.

Since all the active cases are LSIs and have been in the isolation centers of the LGUs, there is no threat of them transmitting the virus to the community.

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