Bohol is Visayas’ 6th richest province

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Bohol is Visayas’ 6th richest province

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Bohol has emerged as the sixth wealthiest province in the Visayas for the fourth straight year.

The province has total assets of P9.72 billion, based on the 2019 Annual Financial Report prepared by the Commission on Audit (COA) and submitted to President Duterte in December, 2020.

The amount is 18.8 percent higher than the province’s assets in 2018 at P8.18 billion.

For 2019, Bohol trailed Cebu with P203.9 billion, Negros Occidental with P15.09 billion, Leyte with P13.54 billion, Ilioilo with P13.03 billion and Negros Oriental with P10.43 billion in assets.


Based on the same data from the state auditor, Bohol ranked 24th in the entire country in terms of assets, moving up from 26th in the previous year.

There are 16 provinces in the Visayas and 81 in the entire country.

The COA indicated that Bohol’s liabilities slightly dropped from P2.91 billion in 2018 to P2.68 billion in 2019 helping raise the province’s total equity to P7.03 billion from P5.26 billion during the one-year span.

Previous COA data also indicated that Bohol’s assets have grown from P5.727 billion in 2015 to P6.198 billion in 2016 and P7.630 billion in 2017.

In 2000, Bohol was considered as among the 20 poorest provinces in the entire country.

Meanwhile, neighboring Cebu has been the richest province in the country for six years in a row.



  • Cebu – P203.9 billion
  • Batangas – P20.79 billion
  • Rizal – P20.28 billion
  • Davao de Oro – P20.10 billin
  • Bukidnon – P18.29 billion
  • Surigao del Norte – P16.68 billion
  • Negros Occidental – P15.90 billion
  • Leyte – P13.54 billion
  • Palawan – P13.04 billion
  • Iloilo – 13.03 billion

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