Tagbilaran diocese ready to celebrate 500 years of Christianity in PH

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Tagbilaran diocese ready to celebrate 500 years of Christianity in PH

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The Diocese of Tagbilaran is set to conduct its month-long commemoration of the 500th year of Christianity in the Philippines joining the rest of the predominantly Catholic nation which is expected to settle for a simple celebration that would have otherwise been grand had it not been for the persisting pandemic.

According to Diocese of Tagbilaran chancellor Fr. Algerio Paña, their celebration will start on Easter Sunday, April 4 through the opening of the Jubilee pilgrim stalls at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

“Mao ni ang celebration sa pag-abot sa Christianity sa Pilipinas niadtong 1521 unya ang kada diocese lain-lain og local version sa celebration,” said Paña.

This will be followed by various other activities in localities under the diocese including the following:

  • April 10 – Mass baptism at the 58 parishes under the dioceses
  • April 13 – Vigil at the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon
  • April 14 – Holy Mass and reenactment of old baptism rituals at the Parroquia de San Pedro Apóstol Church in Loboc
  • April 14 – Fluvial procession at the Loboc River from and a motorcade from Loay to Loboc
  • May 1 – Feast Day of Tagbilaran patron saint St. Joseph, commemoration of the Year of St. Joseph as declared by Pope Francis

According to Paña, the mass baptism will be conducted on April 10 to commemorate the first baptism in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, several activities will also be held in Baclayon, Loboc and Loay considering that the towns were the first Christian communities in the province.

Paña said their preparation for Christianity’s quincentenary celebration in the Philippines started back in October, 2019.

The diocese organized the tour of the Jubilee Cross in all 58 parishes and it is now about to draw to a close as the cross is set to complete its rounds. (R. Tutas)

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