Bohol got more funding under Tutor in 3 years than Yap in 9 years: DPWH data

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Bohol got more funding under Tutor in 3 years than Yap in 9 years: DPWH data

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Bohol’s third district benefitted more from national government fund allotments for infrastructure in three years under Rep. Alexie Tutor than the entire nine years of her predecessor, Gov. Art Yap.

Data from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) showed that Tutor secured P5.5 billion for the implementation of projects for Bohol from 2020 until 2022 while Yap facilitated the allotment of P4.7 billion when he was congressman from 2010 to 2019.

The allotments were made through the General Appropriations Act.

According to the DPWH, the funds covered all infrastructure projects including the construction of roads, bridges, school buildings and flood-control facilities.


The funds allocated during Yap’s nine years in office also covered rehabilitation projects of infrastructure damaged by the 7.2-magnitude quake that jolted Bohol in 2013.

Based on the DPWH data, the following amounts were allocated for projects in the third district from 2010 to 2022:


  • 2010 – P73.32 million
  • 2011 – P115.05 million
  • 2012 – P112.72 million
  • 2013 – P279.82 million
  • 2014 – P165.33 million
  • 2015 – P221.52 million
  • 2016 – P313.15 million
  • 2017 – P819.65 million
  • 2018 – P1.480 billion
  • 2019 – P1.152 billion
  • TOTAL – P4.73 billion


  • 2020 – P1.356 billion
  • 2021 – P1.725 billion
  • 2022 – P2.423 billion
  • TOTAL – P5.504 billion

A separate data from the DPWH indicated that Tutor pushed for the implementation of 490 projects from 2020 to 2022.

The volume is a little over half of Yap’s 979 projects in his entire nine-year tenure as representative of the district.


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