Wife of alleged swindler bares ‘marital abuse’

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Wife of alleged swindler bares ‘marital abuse’

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Nino Jedeiah  Ramos a.k.a. Nino Jedeiah Ed Ramos Gaba who has been indicted for estafa in an elaborate foreign exchange investment scam that duped a number of Boholano businessmen and politicians  is now facing prosecution for violation of Republic Act (RA) 9262 known as the “Anti-Violence against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.”

Deanna Marisse Ramirez Ramos, the 26-year-old wife of Ramos sought the assistance of the National Bureau of Investigation, Bohol District Office (NBI-BDO), Tagbilaran City after “he left me and his three children and absconded from his marital obligation and financial support. He fled with his mistress to Manila and made my life miserable and devastated.”



Deanna executed a sworn statement before NBI Investigation Agent lll, Levi Anthony Royeras on June 18, 2021, portraying Ramos as a womanizer, and adding to her woes – a meddling mother-in-law.

In her sworn statement, Deanne recounted her husband’s business ventures which were always short-lived but was “making a significant amount of income” but “neglected his duties as a family man” and “once again became unfaithful.”

After Jed’s networking business went bankrupt and “with nowhere else to go, he went back to us and pursued me again despite all the betrayal, pain and agony he had caused me”, according to Deanne’s sworn statement.

Trying to rekindle their relationship, they decided to get married in November 2018, and for two blissful years, it was a happy marriage with Jed acting as a husband and father – “or so I thought.”

In those two years, Jed had a closed-circuit television (CCTV) business and I opened a chocolate shop and our second child was born, according to Deanne.



Deanne can still clearly recall Jed’s newly established flourishing foreign exchange business starting May 2020 raking “hundreds of millions from his transactions lavishing himself with big bikes, luxurious cars, and expensive gadgets not only for himself but also for his associates in his trading business.”


Deanne painfully narrated that “he became too arrogant and confident that his cash flow is unlimited and even swindled me in the amount of PhP2 million which was earned from years of my business.”

In December 2020, Jed went to Manila to process some papers, borrowed 100K and promised to pay me all that he borrowed after a week but he never came back, according to her sworn affidavit.

When news of Jed’s foreign exchange business was exposed by the Chronicle as a scam, “I was shocked and terrified and was bombarded with tons of inquiries from the investors demanding that I pay for what Jed had caused them,” according to Deanne’s sworn statement.


Deanne also relayed to the NBI that their house in Songculan was strafed with bullets by unknown persons even as she learned that one of her employees got pregnant by Jed while she was also pregnant with their third child.



According to Deanne’s sworn statement to the NBI, she discovered that Jed “had been into illegal drugs, having an extra-marital affair with his secretary buying her expensive items and properties while frequenting bars in Manila and would lavishly spend for the night up until now.”

“I shouldered all the bills that Jed left until I have nothing to give. My business almost went bankrupt and suffered because of the trouble Jed brought us. I even tried questioning my existence and even contemplated of ending everything.”

When asked by the NBI if she went to see a psychiatrist for the depression she was going through, Deanne answered in the affirmative.


Ramos misrepresented himself as an international foreign exchange broker and succeeded in bilking an estimated PhP300 million from politicians mostly town mayors, overseas contract workers, doctors, engineers, businessmen, and retired professionals from different towns in Bohol.

An investigation conducted by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group showed that Ramos scheme offered investors a guaranteed return of 23% from their 30 days investment.

The NBI-BDO recommended the prosecution of Ramos whose known addresses are in Chateau de Paz Subdivision, Totolan, Dauis; Army Camp, Fort Bonifacio Subdivision, 3rd Floor, Net City, World Wide Corporate Center, Mandaluyong City, and No. 56 Mabilis St., Pinyahan, Quezon City.

The letter recommending for the prosecution of Ramos was transmitted to the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor was signed by NBI Special Agent Gregorio  Algoso Jr., Agent-in-Charge, NBI-BDO for Eric Distor, CPA, Officer-i-Charge, NBI_BDO. (Chito M. Visarra)  

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