On Hashtag: Bohol Bloggers Collective

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On Hashtag: Bohol Bloggers Collective

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In a world that is rapidly being dominated by social media’s influence, what used to be only seen as an option has become a necessity. Blogging and vlogging (video blogging) are great tools in spreading the word these days and it’s such a relief to bump into a group that is anchored on the principles of blogging while weaving communities and people together in Bohol— the Bohol Bloggers Collective.

Who are we?

We are the BBC. Yes, the acronym may sound the same with one of the knowned resorts in our island, but for us, it stands for Bohol Bloggers Collective. We are a community of both professional and amateur writers and bloggers living in or coming from Bohol. We strive to promote and discuss happenings in and around our wonderful island.

The Bohol Bloggers Collective was officially convened on February 19, 2016 by Mark and Joanne Phillips. Through networking, our group has grown and we plan to expand more in the coming years. One of our aims is to be able to have at least one blogger coming from each municipality of Bohol.

We are committed to bringing an era of change in Bohol. The collective plans to cultivate a community of changemakers who will help write the future of Bohol.

What do we do?

We cover all happening from community, business, new products, product launches, openings and other events. We actively participate in activities for community development and the promotion of our beautiful Bohol.

The Bohol Bloggers Collective also trains and targets to inspire locals to tap into the world of blogging.

How can you be part of our team?

Now this is a question that frequently visits our inbox. To make it clear, we are not exclusivists. We actually want our community to grow, but of course, a person has to have an active blog or vlog channel to be able to be part of the BBC. Having your own Facebook page (that’s filled with selfies) or Instagram accounts with thousands of followers does not give you the passes. There’s actually more responsibilities on being a blogger than simply running a Facebook or Instagram page but it will be tackled on one of our following articles.

How can you reach us?

We can be conveniently contacted through our Facebook page, Bohol Bloggers Collective. Our team would be delighted to respond to your queries, suggestions, and invitations.

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