1 dead, 3 teens rescued as flood inundates cave in Antequera

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1 dead, 3 teens rescued as flood inundates cave in Antequera

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A man died while three teenagers survived in a rescue operation in a flooded cave in
Antequera town last Friday.

Larry Quiros, 28, died after he volunteered to save his younger sister inside the cave.
Staff Sergeant Harold Daraman of the Antequera police said a group of friends went swimming at the Tubang
Cave and Spring in Purok 1 in Barangay Celing in Antequera town but got trapped for seven hours because of the

Anthony Sanchez and Jasmine Cabalona sought the help of the local police after their three companions were not able to come out of the cave.


Responders from the Antequera local emergency responders team, Bureau of Fire Protection and police
immediately arrived and conducted an emergency rescue operation.

At 8:13 p.m., Carl Lawrence Laojan, 18, and Shieldo Cruspero, 15, were rescued, leaving only one teenager
identified as Mary Rose Quiros, 15, inside the cave.

The responders then sought the assistance of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)-Western Bohol for help.

While waiting for the rescuers, Mary Rose’s older brother Larry volunteered to rescue her younger sister since he
knew the cave’s terrain.

But Larry, after three attempts, failed to get his sister and instead had trouble breathing inside the cave.

At 1:20 a.m. on Saturday, rescuers eventually pulled out Mary Rose but Larry was already dead when found.


He was immediately brought to the Governor Celestino Gallares Medical Center in Tagbilaran City for medical
assistance but died on Saturday morning.


The Antequera police reminded residents, especially children and teenagers, not to go inside the cave due to the
danger of drowning and being trapped inside.  (Leo Udtohan)

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