P.5M raised for ‘Tabang Taal’

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P.5M raised for ‘Tabang Taal’

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The radio based fund raising project for the displaced residents of Taal Volcano closed last Friday with a total donation of half a million pesos.

The amount of P508,755.83will be turned over tomorrow to the Diocese of Imus in Cavite which is coordinating the distribution of relief assistance to the thousands of homeless victims.

Bishop Reynaldo Evangelista of the Diocese of Imus, during a radio interview over DYRD’s Inyong Alagad program last Tuesday thanked the Boholanos for this kind gesture of donating cash to the dislocated residents,

The donation will be sent tomorrow to the Diocese of Imus, BPI Checking Account No.001283-1510-57.


The Bohol Chronicle Radio Corp. is thanking all those who sent their cash donations during the 12-day fund campaign .

The donors vary from corporate offices to tricycle drivers and office employees who find time to drop by their donations to the radio station.

The list of complete donors follow:

P100,000.00 First Consolidated Bank;

P50, 000.00 -Alturas Group of Companies, and P50,000.00 Anonymous (WS);

P30,000.00 – BCRC;


P25,000 – CCMaluenda Construction, Inc.;


P10,000.00 – Herbert Malmis General Merchandise & Contractor, Inc., Bohol People’s Lumber Corp., Nancy Ocio and  Lantaw Restaurant

P9,500 – Anonymous (JM)

P5,500 – #46 Ligones St.


P5,000.00 – Belian Inns & Hotels, Inc.; Jenny Estoquia, Florencio Caltex Station, Mario Cirujales & Family, Anonymous (NJ), Bee Hive 57 Apartment Leasing, Lily’s Store;

P4,000.00 – Anonymous, Baliola Family, PEVCO Enterprises;


P3,856 – Wilben M. Santos

P3,000 – Anonymous Panglao, Anonymous Panglao, Anonymous, Anonymous, Tagbilaran, Eulalia Sambalud;

P2,500 – Looc Panglao Brgy. Officials & Auxilliary workers Panglao, EHLAJE-M Team Boston;

P2,000.00 – Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Kit Balane,  M. Villaber, Michael Nobert Lacang, GROUPHIL Enterprises, Anonymous, Eligio-Emma Requina, Ramasola Superstudio Co., Ludabi & Naviscai, Oping Maisog, Danny T., Archt. Victor B. Galab Jr., Lu Family, Elcap Pool Supply & Maintenance Services, JM & J Tyre Tech, ML Family;

1,600 – Knights of Columbus St. Joseph Cathedral Council No. 5698, REJD (Ubujan, Tagbilaran);

P1,500 – Antopina Family;

1,200 – Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Ocio   

P1,000.00 – Piquero Family, Anonymous, Harry Plaza, Mr. & Mrs. George Loayon, Tom’s Water Services, Mr. & Mrs. Jose Judizon Bongcaron,  Simeon Estillore, Lee Family, Millanar Family, Ombina Paun, Silverio Morino, Jesac (Sir Jess Accullador), Anonymous, Tagbilaran, Lyn Chan, Anonymous, Tagbilaran, Anonymous, Gregorio Domasin, Miraflor Bernaldez Enoc, Bullen Family, R&F, Linda Alfarero, Anonymous (Tiptip), S6 Drygoods (Manga, Tagb. City), Anonymous (J. Clarin Mason), Hilda Pawnshop, Margie Rodely, Anonymous (Peñaflor, Tagb. City), Kag. James “Kampay” Pinat, Alda Castaño Opeña, Anonymous (Panglao), Jose S. Sulit Family, Bonifacio Halasan Family, Dionisia M. Inting (Dampas), Debbie M. Inting, Anonymous (Bool), Anonymous (Cogon), Cindy’s Alsa Baso, Mr. & Mrs. Gerson Bolotaolo (Lindaville P1), Claret Family, EHCG Purok 4 – Dao Tagb. City, JJM (Espuelas Ext., Tagbi. City), Anonymous (Lindaville PI), Anonymous (Espuelas Ext.), Beverly Ann Carajay, Engr. Allan Cathelis, Mae Borinaga, Anonymous (Mabuhay Village), Zero Araneta, Anonymous (Sambog, Corella), Francisca Bag-ao;

P800 – Anonymous;

P600 – Alfe Boloron;

P689.00 – Purok 7, Upper Songculan, Dauis;

P610.00 – Occidental Enterprises Employees;

P600 – ROMB;

P500.00 – Bob Galero, Anonymous, Engr. Teofisto Pagar Jr., Jose Dalapo, Anonymous, Tony Bernaldez, Anonymous, Gina Lebron(Pledge), Fely Bonao (Pledge), Abundia Bolatero (Pledge), Anonymous, Anonymous (Bool), Mae Borinaga, Fil-Siam Apartment, Anonymous (Basak, Taloto), Epes, Mr. & Mrs. M&N, Purok 1, Dao Tagb., Pupil of City East Elem. School, Camilotes Family, Cypherly and Chloe Butron, Martin Araoarao, Marilou Tasic, Nema Bomediano, Jost, Marcial Careras, Dee, Dan, & Dar, Andresa Doydoy, Allan and Marilyn Inting, H. Bruñidor Family, Anonymous (CP), JMRSF, Eleser Decasa, L. Azarcon, Anonymous (Maribojoc), Fil Curayag, Anonymous (Ubujan), Leny Grace Balbido, Taver’s Pension House, Tita Amorganda, Mr. & Mrs. Ernesto Agang-ang, Anonymous (Mansasa), Anonymous (Poblacion, Antequera), Gody Ofelia Quilas, Ludabi & Naviscai (c/o Judge Cabalit), Pio Madera (Centro Dampas), Vince & Andrei Pergis, Anonymous (Baclayon), Anonymous (Bool), Ms. Babie, Anonymous (Maribojoc), LP (Purok I, Tinago), Anonymous (San Isidro, Tagb. City), Margarita Parado, PLP, Anonymous (DVP), Anonymous (Libertad), Anonymous (Mayacabac, Dauis), 754, ECP Tagb. City, Anonymous (Catugasan, Dampas;

P400 – Anonymous (Tobacco St.), Anonymous (Albur), Anonymous (Taguihon), Anonymous (Lower Candait, Dampas);

P300 – RMG One Stop Shop, Anonymous (Baclayon), Anonymous (Booy Dist.), Anonymous (Purok 4A, Tiptip Dist.), Zeger G.;

P200.00 – Jean Adtuon, Arnold & Elnora & Family, Epitanio Ribay, NEV, Anonymous (Ubujan), Anonymous (ADM), Anonymous (Mariveles);

P150 – Harvey Madura

P100 – Christian, Sabellita, Joseph, Muggle;

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